Brand concept
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Brand concept: innovation, transcendence, brand, responsibility

Enterprise philosophy: innovation, beyond, brand, responsibility
Innovation: continuous innovation, the best industry, the best products, services to society
Beyond: beyond the dream, beyond yourself, to further, better goals, continuous efforts
Brand: the brand, the implementation of brand strategy, and create a national industrial fire brand
Responsibility: providing the best service for the society, the customers and the staff
Customer first: customer is God, respect for others, service with a smile
Teamwork: sharing, sharing, common people doing extraordinary things, sharing success, happiness, and sharing difficult responsibilities
Embrace change: welcome change, innovation, rational treatment, full communication, sincere cooperation
Honesty: honesty, truthfulness, honesty and integrity, consistency
Passion: never give up, optimistic, self motivated, efforts to improve performance
Dedication: professional dedication, excellence, continuous learning, and constantly improve
Brand aim: the most punctual PCB supplier
Yu Wei Electronics, adhering to the spirit of modern technology and fast, punctual service, seeks the harmonious coexistence between enterprises and markets, between enterprises and customers, and interprets the "fast, punctual" delivery cycle.
"Equipment of modern goods" is the ideal of the core production of enterprise products, and runs through all aspects of the product, in all aspects and links.
"Commitment" is the overall style and the most important product color of enterprise product pursuit of brand implementation. It is the core idea of product level.
"Punctuality" is the best interest that an enterprise product provides to its target customers, and embodies the thought of "customer as the center".
Brand vision: to build China's PCB industry the Great Wall
Build the Great Wall of Chinese printed circuit board industry, it is the lofty ideal that Yu Wei electron pursues and pursues, among them contain Yu Wei electron to regard enterprise as "three heavy attribute" and "four layer target".
The first attribute is regionalization". Yu Wei electronic China rooted PCB industry hinterland, well versed in Chinese PCB essence of the industry and absorbed in the business strategy and wisdom, truly a chest Vals, still waters run deep;
The second attribute is nationalization". Yu Wei electronic emphasis on the central city radiation area, strategic layout of the country's territory, has now become the national brand covering 20 major cities nationwide;
The third attribute is internationalization". As the high-end manufacturer of PCB industry, Yu Wei has excellent talents, and has more sense of mission and responsibility than the general manufacturing enterprises. It highlights and promotes the spirit of the enterprise.
The four objectives are:
First, the the Great Wall is the National Guard, as a high-end manufacturing enterprises, Yu dimensional electric forest like the Great Wall and protect people happy;
Second, the Great Wall is a treasure of civilization, as a cultural enterprise, Yu Wei electronic like the Great Wall to carry forward the Chinese civilization;
Third, the Great Wall is a miracle of construction, as a quality enterprise, Yu Wei electronic like the Great Wall to build classic works;
Fourth, the Great Wall is not inverted dragon, as a leading brand, Yu Wei electronic like the Great Wall to build evergreen foundation.
As the brand vision of Yu Wei Electronics, "to build PCB industry in China" is the beacon that guides Yu electronics forward, and it will be the ultimate dream that Yu Wei Electronics will always adhere to and never give up. ().

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